An unexpected visit to Sheng Jing Hospital of China Medical University,Shenyang

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Our father lives in Shenyang for six years now and we had plans to visit him next summer,which would be our first ever visit to China.Unfortunately,because of the bad health of our father this visit happened a lot faster then expected.

On December 4 2015,we received a letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Netherlands,asking to contact them regarding our father.After receiving the contact information of Dr.Wu of the Medical Service Center for Foreign Nationals,we had numerous conversations by e-mails.Dr.Wu explained us the situation of our father(and his medical condition).He was brought to the Emergency ICU in a comatose state,which fortunately only endured for one day.Unfortunately,Dr.Wu diagnosed our father with neurosyphilis,pneumonia,arrhythmia and respiratory system disease.Because the emergency doctor did not speak English very well,Dr.WU Also contacted the Dutch Embassy in Beijing,what was needed to contact us.

After receiving the news,our first reaction was partly that of being in shock:Our father is (for us )in a strange country,in critical condition and we had no idea how bad his situation was.Therefore ,we decided to visit him on a very short notice.We started planning,getting a passport,visa(for which to apply Dr.Wu provided us with a Chinese introduce of illness),airplane tickets,sleeping accommodation,and finally on December 8 2015,we boarded the airplane to Shenyang.

Getting to the hospital was a difficulty in itself because of the language barrier.(Almost)all public information was Chinese .For a first time visit to China and four days of preparation ,this was a real challenge.When we arrived at the hospital,Dr.Wu and Fiona gave us the latest information update and made sure we got to our father who was now in the Medical ICU.After our arrived in China,it was a real delight to be able to properly communication with someone in very good English.

Our first meeting with our father was quite a shock,as he looked really bad and his body and mind were in poor condition compared to before.Although communication with the doctor and nurses was difficult,they have made a good diagnosis and they really took the time to explain this to us.during the next tow weeks,we were happy to see that our father made good progress in recovering with the care and medicine from the hospital.

Based on our experience in the hospital,our confidence in the medical staff grew during our daily stay.Nevertheless,it was still difficult to communicate with the medical staff.On very important topics or other matters,we wanted to know for sure that we understood the message.We were very happy that Fiona from the Medical Service Center for Foreign Nationals was willing to assist us in translating the message or received information.Without her help on numerous occasions,making the best decisions would be a lot harder.Even after our return in the Netherlands,Fiona was willing to establish a video all for communication with our father.She also gave us important updates and information about the situation of our father in China.

Finally,We have decided to bring our father back home to the Netherlands to take care of him.

We are very thankful for everything you have done for our father and we hope to see Shenyang again in better times.

                                                                                                 His children